Energy Efficient Windows

Every respectable builder or home improvement enthusiast knows how important energy is. There are multiple ways to save energy starting with economic light bulbs and ending with solar panels. However, few of them know that windows are also an important factor to keep in mind when building an energy efficient home.

Standard windows fail to isolate the home from the cold outside during winters. Standard windows use argon to fill them. Unfortunately they lose a lot of energy as the cold temperature transfers inside the house. In average, a common household can lose up to 30% of its heat or air conditioning energy due to inefficient windows. Standard windows lose and gain heat through conduction, radiation and air leakage.

All these energy problems can be easily fixed by mounting energy efficient windows. These windows help keeping the heat in during winter and the cool temperature inside during summer. They might be a little more expensive than the standard windows but their savings potential could make them pay for themselves in just a couple of years.

Energy efficient windows also help reduce the level of condensation in the room. Condensation takes place near the corners of a window. Because the window is warm, close to the room temperature, it will never form at the edge of the windows. In fact some homes experiences sever problems with mold forming on the wall at the bottom of the wall due to condensation. This entire problem is resolved by energy efficient windows that reduce condensation. The best energy efficient windows Houston offers make best use of advanced technologies to reduce condensation and keep the home insulated.

Maintenance is also a decisive factor. The most widely spread windows have wooden frames. Wood is difficult to maintain and requires periodical re-painting. It is also more expensive than other materials and moist and condensation can damage severely the frame. Gulf Coast Windows are made mostly out of vinyl. They are resistant to stains, immune to condensation and do not require re-painting. The price of these windows is also lower and much easier to maintain.

Some of the best energy efficient replacement windows Houston offers are using the latest technology to provide the best insulation. Gulf Coast Windows managed to develop and improve their eco-friendly windows to such a level that they have become a must for every household that aspires to save money on utility bills due to energy losses. The company actually took things forward and made every part of their windows eco-friendly. Their windows are completely recyclable and do not need to be painted. In fact they are stain resistant, causing even more savings on paint and cleaning.

Home owners should take into consideration their possible savings in terms of energy if they decide to switch to eco-friendly windows. They can significantly reduce the consumption of fossil fuels for heating and cooling. At first, the price of these windows might be a little higher than the normal ones but the energy they save in a couple of years is more than enough to pay for themselves.