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What You Need to Know About Austin Transportation for an Afternoon of Fun

 Do you really need a car to get around in the great city of Austin? Perhaps you’re visiting the area and have decided not to splurge on a rental car for the weekend. Or maybe you’re an Austin native that wants to go to a concert or festival without having to pay for parking.

Whatever your reason may be, transportation options in Austin are aplenty and include:

  • Public Transportation: The Capital Metro Transportation Authority has been chugging along since 1985, providing public transportation to the Austin area. A fixed route costs a mere $.50 with a free transfer available. Bus schedules can be found at local grocery stores, public libraries, and other locations; routes are posted at major bus stops throughout the city.
  • Park & Ride: Park & Ride parking lots are located throughout the metropolitan area of Austin. Service is most often available during rush hour on weekdays, as well as for special events. Capital Metro Park & Ride can be accessed at locations like Jonestown, Pavilion, Howard Station, Oak Hill Plaza Shopping Center, and much more.
  • Taxicab: The basic cost of an Austin taxicab starts at $25 and is available 24 hours a day. If you need a ride home from a bar afterhours in a pinch, this may be the best choice for you. Taxi service is also available to and from the airport, although booking a shuttle or town car in advance is recommended to save money.
  • Limo/Private Car Rental: If you’re going to an important concert or special event, you want to know that you have reliable transportation to and from your destination. Fortunately, you can pitch in with a few friends to rent a limousine or a luxury car for any sporting event, birthday party, or live concert in the city. The benefit to a limo or private car rental is that prompt pickups and drop-offs will be guaranteed, and all guests will arrive home safely at the end of the night.

When in doubt, if you’re looking for a quick and easy way to tour a neighborhood of the city, don’t forget about your own two feet. It’s easy to take a private car or even a city bus to a popular area like 6th Street that offers several blocks of entertainment, dining, and shopping. Once you arrive in downtown Austin, other sites like the Texas Capital building and the dining district are only a short walk away.