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Helpful Tips For A Smooth College Dorm Move

Entering college is always a great deal. So when you need to move out of your parent’s home and move in to a dorm room, there are a couple of things you need to consider. Whatever school you will be attending, you will need to really adjust with the new environment you will soon be living in. And because collage is veyr expensive, you should know that adapting a good and proper lifestyle can help you save on living costs.

After applying for residence in your school, the next thing your should know about is the facilities and amenities that will be provided for students like you. Check whether your room will have the basic furnishings like a desk, bed, closet, window treatments, and dresser. If not, then you will have to get them for yourself. Also, check whether pillow, hangers, and some linens will also be provided. Make a list of the things you need to bring and the things are already provided for you. This way you can ensure you can come up with things to move in as soon as you can.

When you want to bring in items that are beyong your basic needs, then you will need to consult the right staffs. Acquiring a permission to bring in a fridge, hotplate, or television will ensure that you wont get charged for penalties when they find out. As much as possible, check with the staff if what appliances you will be allowed to bring in. This is because some dorms are very strict about appliances that can be potentially fire hazards. So whether its a microwave or toaster you want to bring in, obtain permission beforehand so you dont have to deal with penalties in the future. If you have a room mate, it would also be best to know if he or she is okay with the cooking appliances you are planning to move in.

Every college have different rules when it comes to residence. Since you are paying fees for your stay, it is your right to know what amenities and facilities that are included. A residence has its own laundry facilties and perhaps a communcal kitchen. Know the terms with regards to their use so you dont face additional fees in the future.

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